Qualities of a Good and Professional Teacher with Students

Qualities of a Good and Professional Teacher with Students: Ever since they were a child I thought the world divided people into two types. The optimist and the pessimist. Those who always looked at the bright side of things were more likely to be happy and have success in their lives.  However Stephen Covey challenged these ideas by stating that attitudes and behaviors can only lead to minor changes, but if you want to make significant changes you need to leave principles of growth and change. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People readily influences teachers and included this year to work on yourself to foster independence based on self-reliance and work with others in order to promote interdependence by cooperating and combining talents and skills for a major impact in education. Here are the Qualities of a Good and Professional Teacher given below.

Qualities of a Good and Professional Teacher with Students:-

  1. Be Proactive

you have the freedom and the power to choose a response to any situation. You are responsible for your own life. The behavior the narratives depend on your own decisions, on yourself awareness, on your conditions or circumstances. Productive teachers are value driven.  If the values to produce high-quality education based on love respect integrity and excellence you will make it happen.  Teachers who love students will find different ways to help them out.  Focus your attention time and energy on the things and situations you can control and leave out all the rest. Work on your motivation and to see awesome creativity. and you will be able to influence the conditions for a better learning experience for your students and of

course for general life.


  1. Begin with the End  in Mind

 Visualizing your destination leads your steps in the right direction.  It means to approach your role as a teacher and as a human being congruent with your deepest values and principles. Teaching is a mission that comes from within think of the direct purpose is student feeling an Achievement you want to create.  Being an educational leader and a role model in your classroom. set high expectations based on your principles communicating to your students and they will meet the goal you envision for them your purpose needs to happen in your mind before it becomes a reality.

  1. Put First Things First

The value place in yourself is paramount to make a keep commitments of proactive growth. Defining your priorities is about managing yourself rather than time.  It’s about focusing on what is really important but it’s not urgent.  It the is building relationships, contributing to your mission, exercising long-term planning, preparing and accomplishing results.  The report you create with your students along with prevented plateaus management praising feedback and achieving individual and collective goals are important priorities in education.  


  1. Think Win-Win

 The balance between the values you place in yourself and the consideration for the points of view,  personalities and values of others is the foundation of our win-win mindset.  It means to take mutual benefits in other interactions to your responsibilities, recognition and to cooperate.  It means to rely on each other based on mutual agreements that clearly define expectations and achievements.  It comes from the abundance mentality which is having the conviction that there is plenty out there for everybody.  In education,  it embodies a growth of high trust relationships among teachers,  students,  parents, and administrators.

  1. First to Understand then to be Understood

 Communication is essential on a daily basis. Listening with the intent to really understand means to put yourself aside for a while.  It means to genuinely care about other people.  It is to listen with your ears eyes heart seeking first to understand then to be understood it’s extremely beneficial in the interaction with your students because you communicate your values your willingness to help to be interested in them.

Qualities of a Good and Professional Teacher with Students

  1. Be Proactive
  2. Begin with the End  in Mind
  3. Put First Things First
  4. Think Win-Win
  5. First to Understand then to be Understood


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